Devin Booker, Chris Paul react to Suns' Game 5 loss vs. Bucks | 2021 #NBAFinals

Devin Booker and Chris Paul break down what went wrong for the Phoenix Suns in their 123-119 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 5 of the NBA Finals and how they can fight back after falling behind 3-2 in the series.


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  1. that was a frustration foul that's all that was and cp3 took it too far, and could been even worse outcome observe Giannis head just inches away from the backboard her could have skull fracture and remembeer he is a very tall guy god forbid become a fatality

  2. The reporter clarified afterwards that the question to Booker was meant to be how frustrated was he with Cliff Paul.

  3. Even when they win, they guys look salty af during interviews

  4. The fantastic player Devin Booker will only be champion if he plays like Michael Jordan ignoring the opponent's house, otherwise he will lose this season.

  5. Suns need to make personel adjustments. Definition of insanity is doing same thing
    Over and over and expecting different results. Bring Frank Kaminisky off the bench stop playing Cam Johnson at backup center. And Jae Crowder can’t be playing 40 mins.

  6. Chris Paul committed just 1.4 turnovers over his first 10 games of the playoffs, but he's averaging 5 turnovers over his last 3 games! 😬

  7. They had a 16 point lead, and they started shooting 3's… Suns always do that… They start missing them, and allow teams to come back… They don't need 3'd at that point; just good 2 point shots…

  8. CP3 got so desperate he pushed Giannis that could’ve hurt him bad. One reason why CP3 doesn’t deserve the win, dirty player and a flopper

  9. Leave and join ad and bron chris only chance of a ring outside of this series

  10. Booker did too much.. Johnson and Bridges are a consistent 🪣… Booker was waving them off, taking ill-advised shots and they were wide open. Give the ball to Johnson Bridges or Payne and FEED AYTON

  11. Cheap Shot shove by Chris Paul on the steal Lob dunk closing of game..could of cause a serious injury…

  12. Not a fan of CP3 so I hope Bucks win series.

  13. Imagine if u had to do a press conference after work 82 times. Mark Cuban lives it nba loves it ESPN loves it. Just look at their faces. They do not want to be there

  14. Devin Booker brings the ball down the court (Suns are down 1 point and there’s only 20 seconds left in the 4th quarter and we all know Books probably going to take that shot). Holiday, knowing this, strips the ball from Books hands and rushes to his basket. He lobs it up for Giannis for the dunk and the foul!!!!
    Me: AAAAHAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  15. Why is no one getting on Monty Williams for not calling a timeout instead of letting Booker freestyle? This is why you getting paid millions as a coach. To get your offense set and to draw up a play to get the best possible shot. You don't screw around with the Finals on the line. I don't care if it's Devin Booker. He has never been in this position. You call timeout and you get everyone on the same page. This isn't the effing playground. This is the Finals.

  16. I think the Suns should have passed the ball around some more to other player instead of putting it all on the shoulders of Booker. CP3 or booker distributing the ball around. Seems like when the Suns do that they play their best. To much ball hogging

  17. You kept complaining the referees infact they favored on your are so young, be humble

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