Jalen reacts to Jrue Holiday's lob to Giannis in Game 5: 'Sequence for the ages!' | Jalen and Jacoby

Jalen reacts to Jrue Holiday’s lob to Giannis in Game 5: ‘Sequence for the ages!’ | Jalen and Jacoby
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby react to Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks taking a 3-2 series lead over the Phoenix Suns in the 2021 NBA Finals.

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  1. The rough increase simulteneously pinch because agenda ethnopharmacologically spare vice a tender tense helicopter. two, clever herring

  2. sso mmaanny ffcking retards and sensitive haters here. cmon guys. lemme comment some. geez. hurt easily dumb giannis fanatics. don’t worry. he’s gonna win mvp. stop crying guys

  3. Big giannis fan here but as great as this play is, it was way too risky. If he doesn't make the dunk, misses at least 1 FT and suns tie/ win the game the whole narrative would have changed, having him to be egoistic for wanting to put his own signature play instead of securing the win. Equally JRH would get a lot of hate for not holding on to the ball and waiting for the foul.

    But Giannis is an old school player. He sees the open lane and has to dunk. And it played out well for him

  4. If Giannis is going to training with Usain Bolt for a year he is going to be the fastest player in the sport ever…

  5. What I love about this play is that it just shows that sometimes completely going against analytics turns out to be the right play. No one knew he would get fouled miss the free throw then tip it to Middleton. Holiday isn’t even that great of a FT so who know if they even go up 3. Play to win, not to lose.

  6. all this time I been talking bout lebron getting all his chips with super teams and getting called the goat like bruh what!!? What bout now!!!!! you can win and be a true champion with your team . Lebron took the easy way . giannis stayed true and loyal to his city. Just like Kobe just like Jordan . true champions. I’m all in for him man. A great example of a true champion even if he don’t win this one . Respect to cp3 and booker . Legends as well.

  7. Giannis is on pace to be top 10 all time. With what he's done already at 26 has been really impressive. Not to mention he could possibly be Fmvp and have a ring. We know he has the work ethic to develop his free throw shooting. By the time he's 29 or 30 he'll be the best in the game.

  8. Yall gotta remember this: Ginannis fought from the bottom n mud in his early life to even get a sniff of a chance to make the NBA and then struggled from the bottom of the league n mud again to the top. So no suprise here

  9. His rings will be like Curry’s first ring, Jordan’s and Kobe’s rings. LeBron and KD rings aren’t that valuable imo.

  10. Great job, Jalen and Jacoby. No yelling here. No screaming here. Just good, solid analysis.

  11. Stephen A Smith should be fired. He's racist as F.

  12. Foreigners have officially taken over the League. It'll be amazing to see if Gianns can win fmvp after gobert won dpoy and jokic winning MVP

  13. Love you Jalen, thank you for being the only one who always encourages Giannis and speaks positively about him.

  14. I think a lot of us older ball fans can appreciate the Bucks more because we were there when super teams weren’t the status quo. When teams had to develop and get better. The younger generation, the fantasy team and 2k generation got spoiled by super teams. And it’s strange to them to see someone do it the hard way. I love it though.

  15. Jalen and Jacoby are the only two people at ESPN who appreciates Giannis.

  16. Now now, Mr. Rose, you had a chance to stay consistent with your Bucks pick, but you chose Phoenix in this series. I love you brotha, but you have predicted the future before, but you dropped it here. Nothing but love though.

  17. No one gonna talk about how cp3 coulda injured giannis with that push?

  18. Doesn't matter for Gianni's if he's unappreciated or hated, he will still enjoy his play even no basket on free throws, he will still dunk and dunk because that's what he is comfortable with

  19. Mr Equality himself how he still has a job at Disney owned ESPN is terrible

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