My Talking Angela 2 ✨ NEW GAME ✨ Exclusive First Look 👀

📣 You heard it here first… 📣 Get ready to shine with your new BFF in the brand new game, MY TALKING ANGELA 2! 🎉🎮🎈

What’s the new game like?! There’s only one way to find out… 😜❤️ Watch and get a sneak peek in this exciting first gameplay video! 🎬

Take a first look at Talking Angela’s chic new city apartment. 🌆 Get a glimpse at her gorgeous new glam room and see what amazing looks you can create together. 👗👖🎨 There’s shopping to do, a whole city full of fun activities to enjoy, and so much more. 🛍️ Including a brand new dance studio! 💃

So are you ready for a new adventure? Angela is! And BFFs have WAY more fun together. She can’t wait for you to join her! 🎮🥳 The new game is coming soon… 😆

My Talking Angela 2 is already available to download in selected countries:

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💖 My Game – My Talking Angela 💖
You should totally explore the glamorous world of My Talking Angela! 🤩 You can adopt your very own Angela to dress up and play with in my game – you can even decorate her house, collect stickers, and play fun mini-games! You can also learn super cool dance moves in the dance studio and do your own fashion photoshoots! Play now 👉

Let’s have some fun!


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Talking Angela is also known as: 会说话的安吉拉,トーキング・アンジェラ,토킹안젤라, Говорящая Анджела, Konuşan Angela, أنجيلا المتكلمة, बातूनी एंजेला, 會說話的安吉拉.
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  1. Very excited to plapy this game after so many days and why did you guys disabled comments it's very disappointing plz make the comments enable so we can talk about your videos or to other people plz don't it 😊😊🙏🙏🙏

  2. Hasta cuándo van a poner a Daniela 2 en Argentina mi Talking Ángela 2 en Argentina porque vos pusiste en otro país es mi Talking Ángela 2 en otros países imagina también no en en esos países Yo también quiero jugar mi Talking Ángela 2 pero yo vivo en Argentina

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