Stephen A. reacts to the Suns’ Game 5 loss: The series is over! | First Take

Stephen A. reacts to the Suns’ Game 5 loss: The series is over! | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the Milwaukee Bucks defeating the Phoenix Suns 123-119 in Game 5 of the 2021 NBA Finals to take a 3-2 series lead. The crew also weighs in on whether the series is over after the Suns’ loss.
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  1. Anyone here after Giannis "struggled" from the line, and Booker's "heroics."

  2. stephen A flips so quickly i know it’s a business but words mean something

  3. Still a Black Racist. I guess he's okay with Giannis since he doesn't need an interpreter. And he's Black. How sincere he was with his apology to Giannis. His Ohtani apology was hollow as F. He don't like Asian folks. He's one of them. Not only a Black Man. SAS is a Racist Black Man.

  4. Stephen A Smith believes this: Blacks should dominate sports. We'll throw a bone to the Whites (baseball). But that's it. There is no way SAS will ever give Asians any run. Ever. He has a hate for asians and maybe a fear of them with the……..Rona. He's just an ignorant black racist and it's amazing that he is still working at ESPN. He should get canned.

  5. God with how much the media mentions it you would think that his name is Giannis can’t hit a free throw Antetokunmpo

  6. “Suns in 4”😂😂😂 these idiots said the series was over when Phoenix was up 2-0. Bucks are better

  7. Thanks Stephen A Smith for picking the bucks! Suns are going to win now.

  8. LOL POINT FRAUD CP0 RINGS 😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Is it just me or is this block getting overhyped. LBJ on igudala is more memorable for me. The alley oop is a top play in finals history tho

  10. Give credit where credit is due, they are up and going to win this series because they have Giannis plain and simple. I’m tired of the little praise this man gets, I’ve been saying this for years Giannis is one of the best players in the NBA just look at the players around him…. They’re only role players, non of them are even top two tier players.

  11. This feels like the bucks vs Raptors all over again but instead of the bucks winning the first two and then losing 4 straight the suns won the first 2 and the bucks might win 4 straight

  12. I agreee with max but my opinion is….Suns ain’t loose by a lot just a Booker mistake…and CP3 too hungry and close they gon fight

  13. Oh boy. Steven A's prediction means the opposite is gonna happen 👀

  14. Stephen A sucks. Why does anyone listen to this clown?

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  16. Am i the only one that is not suns fan who believes suns will tie the series…?
    Or am i trippin'…

  17. When will Disney take Stephen A Lame and Stephen A Disrespectful off the air. I like the idea of a 24hr sports news network but not with this person. He isn't worthy on so many levels. Smh

  18. Bucks maybe in the finals because Brooklyn had injuries but suns wouldn't be here either if the Lakers were healthy😂

  19. It looks like no body is giving the Bucks the credit they deserve . so and so was injured it came to so and so missing a shot. it is the other teams fault they won. Man I think these type of sports pundits are talking only to 15 year old kids. give credit where it is due. if we go by their mindset you can go into a fight and say hey I lost the fight cuz i got knocked out and could not see anything if It wasn't for that I would've beating his A** give me a break.

  20. So, according to SAS, if Kyrie wasn't injured, Brooklyn would be in the finals instead of Phoenix….


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  22. idk why people make such a big deal about him not having a perimeter shot? lol who cares he’s one the greatest players in the nba at driving to the rim why on earth would you want him to do something he has half as good of chance to make it? I hate this mindset in today’s game where if a player is elite just driving to the paint, they aren’t a legit superstar if they can’t shoot. besides ben simmons he sucks

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