Tyler1 discusses number of champion bans per game

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  1. ive been saying this for years bro
    more and more champions get released that are in the same ballpark.
    you cant even ban your counters anymore because theres 2 others to take their place.
    how many champions are we on now ? 130 ? 140 ?
    we dont even make a dent in the champion pool.
    they need to give us 2 bans each and stop making new champions, and start reworking old ones

  2. with over 155 champions now having 10 bans 5 for each team and ONE for each player is stupid ngl specially with how bad the balancing is right now and how many hard counters and lany bullies there are

  3. ok but let’s say someone is steam sniping and convinces the team to target ban the streamers main picks? It’s unplayable for them right. Tyler deals with this already imagine if they ban more of his champs.

  4. Imagine 2 Bans per Person then everyone of a team bans all specific champions of a role for example there are about 24 champs that can ne played on adc. From 24 there will be only 4 left lmao.

  5. I'd say 2 bans per player. That's 20 champs off the board potentially if no dupes, which gives a lot of range still with the amount of champions in the game. the timer should be 20 seconds as to speed up ban. When completed picking ban champions on both sides just show us instantly no slow roll. Picking a champion can remain the same at 30 seconds for decision making. Cutting a little time off this shit would be great, my least favorite part of the game is either fighting the client or assholes in lobby's inting before the game even begins. Save me some fucking time looking at this god forsaken client and let me be addicted to this shitty game IN THE ACTUAL FUCKING GAME

  6. tbh right now the meta isnt too filled with busted champs, but there have been times in season 11 alone where there was minimum 3-4 jungle champs alone that had to be perma banned.

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